Text-writing and blogs

Kokotopia for text-writing and blogs.

Would you like to get your message clear and readable onto paper? With an academic background, the Koko is skilled at writing texts in such a manner that the message comes across well, adjusted to the target audience. From scientific writing to blogs and texts for promotional purposes. Please find examples written for several media and journals (in Dutch and English) below:

Blogs for Wetlands International:
'Reducing human footprint to benefit magnificent Shoebill', 2016
'The Common Pochard, becoming less common.', 2016
'Laguna Llancanelo, shady Tamarind threatens waterbirds', 2016
'Would you like to count? Join the 50th International Waterbird Census!', 2015

Paper for Living Knowledge Conference:
'Democratising Knowledge, co-creating the future.'(Diemont, E., et al), 2014

Articles for Resource, the magazine of Wageningen University
'Iets bij studenten teweeg brengen.', 2013
'Lachen in het lab', 2013
'Meer ganzen', 2013
'Kopje thee versus biodiversiteit', 2012

Scientific reports for European programme: Valuing Attractive Landscapes in the Urban Environment (VALUE)
'Value Added Planning, yes in my backyard! Understanding value added planning in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands' (Diemont, E., et al), 2011
'Sustainable Green Urban Planning, the Workbench Spatial Quality Method' (Cilliers, J., et al), 2010

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